The Art of Control

What is control? When it comes to sex, control is a complicated issue. It can mean many things. You have to control yourself during sex to make it last longer, you have to be willing to take control or give it up...there are so many facets.

Let an Experienced Masturbatrix Control that Cock

For those like you with submissive desires, giving up control is a turn on. But how far are you willing to go? Are you ready to give up complete control to an experienced Mistress? This is what cock control is about. Whether it is guided masturbation or ruined orgasm, it’s about you learning to give it up. Your cock now belongs to me and every action that you take is because of a direct command. To give up complete control reveals your true submissive side.

The Thrill and the Frustration

Yet, it’s not just about handing over your cock and being done with it. There will be times when you regret your choice, when you are on the edge of an orgasm and made to stay there or on day number five of intense male chastity training.

But deep in your heart you know that this is what turns you on, what drives you. Yes, control is an art that can be manipulated and used to drive you crazy. It will cause you to beg, plead, moan and promise anything and everything in order to have just a taste once more.

Once you give me control of your cock, there is no looking back.

Mistresses Available to Manage Your Masturbation