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Are you ready to Enter the World of Managed Masturbation?

You Need a Masturbation Manager

by Ms. Constance of

If you are reading this it means you have admitted you have a problem with masturbation and you probably spend far too much time masturbating.

Picking the right masturbation manager

This is the first and very important step to your masturbation management; you need to find a Mistress with whom you are not only attracted to but also compatible with especially with your availability. Sit down write a list of the things you are looking for in a masturbation Mistress and reach out to ladies that fit your needs. No more constant masturbating.

When you give over control of your masturbation habits to a masturbation manager you will find not only will it be exciting but it will also be challenging to keep your hands off your cock. Your usual routine of jerking off when you like all changes, and from that point forward it is now in the hands of a skilled masturbation expert. Long gone are the days of masturbating when the mood hits you long gone are those fast and furious explosions from that dick.

Masturbation Management can enhance your orgasms

After a short time of being under the guidance of a Masturbation Manger you will find that although it is hard and a change from your daily stroking rituals, it will also be more rewarding when you do finally get to stroke. You will notice changes in not just the pleasure of wrapping your hand around your cock but the power of your orgasms as well. Each stroke will mean more and each edge will come faster and when you are allowed to cum you will find yourself feeling drained and spent from an intense orgasm.

Masturbation schedules

Your Masturbation Mistress will work with you and your daily life to come up with an acceptable masturbation schedule. Communicate clearly with your Masturbation Mistress so she can work the perfect stroking schedule out for you. Often in the beginning it is hard to go by a schedule but in no time at all you will find yourself feeling giddy and excited over when you can touch, in fact looking forward to being able to masturbate on your scheduled time.

Less Masturbating means you are more productive

Having a woman take control of your masturbating habits will not only make each masturbation session more intense and explosive, but it frees you up in other ways and you become more productive in all areas of your life. When a man is horny and all he does is masturbate many times it is all he is thinking of and it means other things in his life are suffering. When you are not allowed to masturbate and you have someone in charge of your masturbation you can now be free to focus on your daily work and home life knowing that your masturbation is under control by a skillful masturbatrix.

Ready to have your Masturbation Managed

If you have found your self-intrigued by what you have just read and you realize that you must have someone take over for you and manage your masturbation habits then it is time to reach out and find the perfect Masturbation Mistress for you.