Built in Masturbation Toy

You have the most fabulous built in toy ever! Hanging there, right between your legs, just begging to be played with! You know that ~you~ love to play with your cock, but were you aware that women also love to play it? It’s true! We do!

That toy is like a direct line into your subconscious mind. We can use it to wring so many sounds from you, send so much sensation right through you, and bring us both so much pleasure that you may very well be utterly amazed. I know, I know, you’ve been playing with your cock your entire life. While I’m sure you are well aware of the physical pleasures to be had playing with your cock, I bet you’re less aware of exactly how much fun is in store when you let a talented Masturbatrix take over the game.

Allow me to let you in on a little secret: playing with your cock is our favorite game! Bringing it from soft and flaccid all the way to stiff and standing at attention, driving you to the edge over and over again, watching all the changes that happen to your cock in our hands… Each time it’s new and different for us, each time the game is tantalizing and wonderful. Playing with your cock is fun! And we really want to open your eyes to just how much fun there is to be had with guided masturbation. You put your cock into our hands, and it’s a win – win situation. You have fun, we have fun, what’s not to love? Over time, you lose interest in your toys. Everyone does. The new becomes old, the fascinating becomes commonplace. For the talented Masturbatrixes of the LDW group, your cock is a new and fascinating toy, one we love to play with.

When you call a Masturbatrix, you’re speaking with a skilled and talented woman of taste and sophistication. One who takes great pride in her work, and enjoys exercising her skills and talents for the pleasure of both you and she. Each Masturbatrix is carefully chosen for her skills, her creative mind and her wicked voice. She is a woman nonpareil who will gleefully take over your mind, body and cock and use them for your mutual pleasures.

The choice of Masturbatrix can seem overwhelming at first. So many skilled Femdom Mistresses, so many amazing women to choose from! It can seem like there are too many to choose just one. With LDW you have the security of our Unconditional Guarantee – you’ll either enjoy your session or we’ll happily refund your fee (we want you to enjoy your session; it’s no good for us if you don’t have fun!) You also have the option of speaking with your chosen Masturbatrix before you call, by email or IM, at no charge. You can hear samples of our voices, chat with us online or even friend us via the Enchantrix Empire, our exclusive social network.

For your masturbation pleasure, we want to take all the pressure off, that is, until we apply our own set of pressures. When you contact your Masturbatrix, you should be thinking of exactly and precisely one thing, and one thing only: what your Masturbation Manager is about to do to and with your cock.

Mistresses Available to Manage Your Masturbation