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Masturbation House Rules Whenever you engage in a sexy call with one of our Phone Sex Masturbation Managers you should be aware of what the rules are. Every Masturbatrix has her own rules as to how she will let you stroke, but I’ve put together a fairly generic list in Masturbation House Rules.
I Need a Masturbation Mistress In my opinion, a masturbation manager is a Mistress. I have a masturbation phonesex Mistress and I don’t know what I would do without her. In fact, I'm in desperate need of a Masturbation Mistress.
Ms. Andi on the Art of Control: You know the fastest way to orgasm when you masturbate. It's quick, it's efficient, and it makes you feel better. But you know what? You have no idea what you are missing! The journey, the giving of control to another person, makes for the most explosive orgasms, ever! Read The Art of Control and see what Ms. Andi has to say about it!

Ms. Harper on Masturbation Toys: "Guys have the best toy ever- and it's built in.", says Ms. Harper. Read all about the built in masturbation toy!
Ms. Tia on Types of Masturbation: There is a huge difference between masturbation and guided masturbation. Masturbation is something you are most likely very familiar with. But, what is guided masturbation? In Masturbation versus Guided Masturbation, Ms. Tia tells you everything you ever wanted to know about masturbation and orgasms.
Why you Need a Masturbation Manager: You came here to the Masturbation Management site because you know you need something. Something that will get your masturbation habits under control. Something that will rescue you from your cock’s control. You need something that will recue you from your reputation of being a two pump chump, and an inconsiderate lover. Continue readingWhy you Need a Masturbation Manager.
Masturbation Management for the Average Guy: Many men who need masturbation management are compulsive masturbators, but not all.  Maybe you're not the type who can't keep his hands out of his pants.  Maybe you don't relate to the guys whose lives have been overtaken by constant thoughts of when they can next get time alone to handle their cocks.  You manage your life quite well, you may say to yourself, and masturbation is something you consider a normal, healthy part of your routine. Continue reading Masturbation Management for the Average Guy.


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