Masturbation House Rules

by Ms. Christine of

Whenever you engage in a sexy call with one of our Phone Sex Masturbation Managers you should be aware of what the rules are. Every Masturbatrix has her own rules as to how she will let you stroke, but I’ve put together a fairly generic list here. In fact, if you ever call me to manage your masturbation habit, you’ll be ahead of the game, because you’ll already know the basics of my Masturbation House Rules.

Masturbation Supervision Is Mandatory

Almost all Masturbation Managers are going to require that you only jerk off under their supervision…or the supervision of someone they choose. No secret solos! There is nothing that will earn you a period of chastity quicker than masturbation without supervision. And if we can’t trust you with your own cock, then it will need to be under lock and key!

Appointments Are Encouraged For Masturbation Sessions

Whenever possible, you should make an appointment for your masturbation management session. I know, some of you call on the spur of the moment because you are hot, horny and need to cum. Well, you think you need to cum, but no man ever needs to cum – you simply want to cum. So, practice some self-control. Let the anticipation build for your stroking session. Imagine how much better it will be when you Masturbation Mistress can put aside time just for you. And believe me, while she’s been planning just what your session is going to entail as well.

Masturbation Pets Should Be Naked

Your Masturbatrix is well versed in just what to do to tease and delay your orgasm. However, there’s nothing like having a masturbation addict on total display for his Mistress, using his webcam and Skype. That way she gets to see just how worked up she’s getting you.

Mistresses Available to Manage Your Masturbation


Have Something To Catch That Cum

At the very least, spread out a towel on the floor – and stay within its boundaries. Now, I personally think it’s environmentally bad to jerk off onto a towel that has to be washed, or a tissue that has to be thrown away, so I have a little corollary to this rule – no cum left behind! That means any jizz that leaks out of your tormented and teased cock must be eaten up. So, for me, I’d say not only to bring a towel, but something to collect your spunk once I’ve allowed you to nut off. Something like a shot glass, a bowl, or a plate will work nicely!

Special Rules For Masturbation Webcam Calls

As I mentioned earlier, lots of Mistresses love to manage a stroke pet’s masturbation via webcam! And if we’re going to do a webcam call, two things are additionally required. One, make sure you face the camera, if you must, you can wear a mask. Two, make sure the room is well lit. I want to see every grimace of frustration and agony that crosses your face as I tell you, “No, no cumming yet. Just keep stroking!” And even if you wear a mask, you'll feel like I can see those faces you're making - and the tension in your body along with the sounds you make will help give me a mental visual.

So, are you an addicted stroker? A compulsive masturbator? If it’s taken control of your life, then you obviously need your masturbation manager. Now call one of our sexy Masturbatrixes and get your addiction under control today!

Mistresses Available to Manage Your Masturbation