In Desperate Need of a Masturbation Phonesex Mistress

In my opinion, a masturbation manager is a Mistress. I have a masturbation phonesex Mistress and I don’t know what I would do without her. Before I found her three years ago, I was a mess. I couldn’t keep my hands off my cock no matter where I was or what situation I was in. I masturbated everywhere I could. If I had fifteen minutes or more to myself my cock was out and in my hand. My obsession has gotten me into some disastrous and almost disastrous situations. My girlfriend has caught me in the bathroom stroking my cock during romantic dinners, while watching movies with her parents in the living room and during the Fourth of July cookout we had with all of our friends last summer, just to name a few. She has been so mad at me that she has threatened to leave me if I didn’t stop masturbating at awkward moments.

There had been a few heart stopping moments at work too when I forgot about a meeting and was in the bathroom stroking when they came looking for me. I had also attempted to stroke at my desk when I thought everyone else had gone home. My secretary had walked up to the door of my office. I was incredibly lucky that I had heard her and she knocked on the door before opening it. I had just enough time to stop and compose my face but I couldn’t stand up or move in any way because of my boner and open fly. As it turns out I didn’t have to move, but it was a close call. After this incident I knew that I had to get help controlling my urge to masturbate all the time. I realized that I had to keep it secret because my girlfriend would not understand my needing to get a Mistress. So I knew that I couldn’t get a face to face Mistress. I would get a masturbation phonesex Mistress to help me. I began by looking around online and was very happy to find that I was not alone in my great need to stroke all the time. In time, I also found LDW. I loved the sites and all the information that was provided. I could interact on the site or not, it was up to me. I did my research because I really needed to find a Mistress who could help me so that I wouldn’t inadvertently destroy my life in my constant quest for an orgasm.

Mistresses Available to Manage Your Masturbation


I Find My Answer

I called a few of the Mistresses to see who might be a good fit for me. I asked for a Mistress recommendation and that helped a lot too. That helped me narrow the list I had. I needed a strict Mistress, I decided, because my cock stroking was so out of control. I wanted her to be young. It’s not that I mind more mature women or even MILFs, but younger is my ideal Mistress. Then I found the masturbation phonesex Mistress that finally helped me. I can now get through the day without having to hide in the bathroom at work and stroke my cock. She has listened to my problems and made me a schedule to stroke by so that I always know when my next stroking session will be. I call her as much as possible and email her on off days just to check in with her. She has done all this to help me and I was able to keep it all secret so that the only thing that girlfriend has to know is that I don’t masturbate at bad times anymore. She wouldn’t understand that it’s my having a Mistress that has made our relationship better. She doesn’t ever have to know about the fun I have with my masturbation phonesex Mistress or the other Mistresses that I sometimes play pass the penis with. It’s a really fun game and it gives me a chance to be friendly to other Mistresses too.

It Can Help You Too

I’m not saying that it completely cured me of my need to stroke my cock. I still do it sometimes, but never at bad times. It did help me and it can probably help you or at least give you a place where your Mistress tells you to stroke. It is always something that I look forward too. I’m so glad I found LDW and the perfect masturbation phonesex Mistress for me!