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The out of control dick needs a schedule. Since it is taking up too much time and energy. Your thinking is feeble and sloppy, and here I am standing in your face and saying 'You need a masturbation manager'. You jerk off way too much so I will take over as your controller of penis. The penis has been given to me to keep in line.

Let us imagine me coming to your home as a pecker checker. I check your hard drive for porn and how much of it is on there. Notes are taken, the wastebasket is examined for cum rags, the caller i.d. on your phone is checked for excessive phone sex numbers. Under your mattress is checked for porn mags, and sex toys are looked over. What absolutely should be in your sex toys is a much needed chastity device. We will be sure to order you a tamper proof cage to keep you in for a long duration.

Just imagine if that happened? Instead we will be more realistic. You will simply call my line and confess that you are a masturbation fiend and you need help from a totally awesome Masturbatrix Princess with a flair for drama.

I will put you on a three day a week schedule with absolutely no porn or toys. No calls will be made, and you will not cum each time. You may or may not be put in chastity for a week in the beginning. It really depends how you handle the three day a week stroking. That's my idea for many of you. You may have your own suggestions and I will listen to them. I absolutely know you can do this. You can control that cock through training and management. It's time to write that novel that has been on hold forever. Lets get on it now!