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Masturbation is taken for granted. We all do it and sometimes it becomes routine. Perhaps you've noticed that your recent jack off sessions haven't given you what you desired. Your fantasies of being controlled aren't cutting it anymore.

Welcome to reality. I'm Mistress Ryan and I'm here to take over your cock. This is what you need to start feeling true pleasure again. You need to completely hand over control. What does it mean, to give up control of your cock?

Well first it means that you must listen and obey my commands. There will be times when you find this challenging. Like during an intense tease and denial session in which you so desperately want to come. But understand that I know best.

Soon mindless jerking off will have no place in your life. Everything will be done with a purpose. Every touch, every stroke will bring you closer to what you truly desire. And you will come to learn that the greatest pleasure doesn't like in your mere orgasm but in handing total control of your cock over to me. That, unlike an orgasm, is not fleeting. All you have to do is place yourself (and your cock) into my hands. I will open the door and show you what true cock control is.

Don't worry. We can start off slow. One tease and denial session is all it takes to awake your dormant desires. Soon you will be craving more. And when you get a taste of what awaits you, you will not want to turn back.

Take my hand and let me guide you along this masturbation journey. Mistress Ryan