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Your job is simple. It's not easy, but it IS simple.

Your job is to stroke your cock for me. I am your Mistress Masturbatrix. You let me control your cock stroking. I also control your orgasm. I am the experienced Mistress and your only job right now is to turn your cock, your balls and your orgasm over to me.

Why would you turn your masturbation over to me?

I am a Masturbatrix; a Femdom Mistress who is an expert at controlling your masturbation and/or your orgasm. That's the simple answer, but it's more complex than that in reality and I do know that you are a complex man.

Who needs masturbation control?

The chronic masturbator who jerks off so much that it feels mechanical and somewhat boring. Oh I know it feels good when you do it, but perhaps you sense that you're missing out. I think you are not getting the best orgasm possible. When you give control of your orgasm and masturbation activities, I manage you to make sure that you get sensations that are much more FUN!

The quick shooter is also someone who needs someone to manage how you stroke, when you stroke and when you orgasm. Think of me as your masturbation coach, putting you on a training program that solves your problem and brings you and your partner(s) much more pleasure!

A masturbation manager solves your problem. And then moves you beyond mere problem solving.

Do you intuitively feel that there might be a better way to masturbate? Do you want to have the best masturbation experiences possible? Then, this experienced Mistress can take you in hand (so to speak) and you will feel sensations unlike any you have experienced thus far in your life!