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You have no self control and you know it. You can't keep your hands off your cock. If you're not masturbating, you're thinking about masturbating. You've tried breaking the cycle but you just can't. You've read all about edging, cock control, and orgasm denial, and the out-of-this-world orgasms experienced by those who employ a variety of these methods, but you can't control yourself long enough to explore any of them.

That's where I come in. I am Sophia, your Masturbation manager. Your Masturbatrix. I am here to take control of that cock and your orgasms and to teach you self control. I will tell you how to stroke, when to stroke, or even *if* you get to stroke. I will tell you when you are allowed to cum, which won't be often- at least at first.

You need to learn how it feels to be denied in order to appreciate how good it feels to get that release. If you always "know" how you are going to stroke, when you are going to stroke, and that you are going to get to cum, then your body expects it and it quits being as enjoyable. You find yourself masturbating more and more just looking for that over-the-top excitement that orgasms used to bring.

Giving someone else that control will take away that sense of expectation you've trained your mind and your body to react to over the years, thus making it much more exciting, since you have no idea exactly what to expect or when to expect it.

Give me a call and let's bring that excitement back!