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You are asking yourself what exactly is a masturbation manager. Well, just as it sounds, I will be the person in control of all of your masturbation once you have given up that control.

You will no longer be free to stroke and jerk that cock whenever the feeling strikes. You will instead have to seek out my permission or perhaps do it on an agreed upon schedule.

Do YOU need masturbation management? Well if you answer yes to any of the following I would highly suggest you come to me for masturbation control.

You jerk off more than 2 times a week
You forgo sex and choose to masturbate instead
You miss work or life events due to jerking off
You have a hard time getting it up when your partner wants you
You jerk off so much your orgasms have been reduced to nothing but a dribble
Your once satisfying orgasms are now just ho hum.
Your masturbation routine has become dull and boring

Do you want to have a rich full life, filled with sex and masturbation? Do you want to have explosive and toe curling orgasms EVERY time? Are you looking to spice up your masturbation routine?

With me as your masturbation Manager I will not only control when and how, but I will teach you new ways to masturbate. We will keep it fresh and exciting so every orgasm you have under my masturbation control will be amazing, explosive and more satisfying than any masturbation orgasm you have ever had.

So what are you waiting for? It is time to get on the phone and ask me to be your masturbation manager and explore new exciting ways to get you off. As well as have me in control guiding you through all of your challenges not just your Masturbation challenges.