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No one knows your cock as well as you do, right? Well, except for me, of course. You may know how to touch it, the pressure to apply, the speed of your strokes. But you've been stroking yourself, by yourself, for a while now and it's become so routine, almost boring! It's the same thing each time, over and over. You need variety, a new way to stroke, and some imaginative direction, but it's not like you can ask your friends for help (can you imagine!). You also need restraint, and a supervisor to decide your cock's ultimate fate.

This, my dear, is why you need a masturbation manager. Together we can come up with new and exciting ways to twiddle that stiff member. I will show you where and how to touch it to give yourself incredible pleasure. It's like I'm right there with you, my soft hands on your shaft, kneading, pumping, taking you over; bringing you to an intense climax like you've never given yourself before. Well, maybe a climax ... but that's up to me, the manager.

I will own that cock of yours, it becomes my cock and I will decide when and if it gets to cum. We can use your overworked *giggle* hands or maybe add toys, rope, and other tools to the mix. Let's try a few different ways. You are sure to discover a new favorite that you can recreate again and again, for your first morning woodie all the way through to your goodnight squirt.

You know you need it ... are you ready?