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You need a masturbation manager; someone who will take control of that cock and manage your masturbation habits. You are a chronic masturbator who just can't stop yet you are bored of the same old routine, wishing masturbation was as exciting as it used to be. What if I told you that, with a little help, masturbation can once again be as exciting as it was in the beginning? Would you believe me?

Well, believe it. It is a myth that orgasms get more dull as you age. Orgasms typically get more dull as you age because you've been doing the same old thing for years and years. Your body knows what to expect. That eruption at the end is expected, therefore, not as exciting as when it happens unexpectedly.

This is why you need a masturbation manager. I will help you get back that sexual excitement and those earth-shattering orgasms of your youth. I won't lie. It will take some training and a committed effort but it is absolutely possible to get back to the point where every orgasm is as exciting as your first.

What kind of training do you need? Well, it is different for each person, but the ultimate goal is to mix things up and keep things fresh so you are not expecting "the usual." Expecting the unexpected is the key ingredient for explosive orgasms. During this process, there will be a lot of teasing and edging and some denial, but it is all a necessary part of masturbation management.

Are you ready for a masturbation manager? Give me a call!