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I am sure that you are used to being in charge all day. It's time that you trusted someone else with the important things in life, like, say, your cock. I have the keys to how often you stroke, and of course when you are allowed to have release. Do you really think you are qualified to hold on to that cock and stroke it?

I think you need to put the keys to that cock into My hands. First we will start out with a session. I will see how many strokes it takes to get you to cum. This gives me a baseline of what I'm working with.

Next, once we know whether you are a premature ejaculator or a master at masturbating, we will move you into a weekly program. There will be some days that you will not be allowed to touch your cock at all. It will be these days that truly are a challenge to you. There will be other days that I allow you to have X number of strokes without release.

We will work with your budget in order to determine what sort of program works best for your needs. Imagine if you will, I email you tell you that I love you with a little smiley face that says 250. This would mean you would be required to do 250 strokes without cumming.

Failure to accomplish this would result in a penalty. Penalties might range from buying me flowers, or something off My wish list to not getting your daily email as punishment. We will discuss what your hot buttons are when we figure out what your punishments are to YOU.

I once had a client have to spank himself 100 times while I listened as punishment. Another client, that would be a reward so you see how each person will vary depending on temperament. I look forward to being Your Manager and getting you to the point that stroking to 1000 is a challenge but not an end game.

Are you Ready to play?