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You already know how to masturbate, so why would you need a Masturbation Manager?

When you masturbate alone, it is generally always the same thing, right? The same hand, same lube, same stroke, same amount of time, and worst of all the same level of pleasure.

That's not the best you can do!

But it is pleasure so what's so wrong with that? Well, I ask you why settle for "just okay" when you can have "Oh fuck...that was amazing!"? You expect the finer things in life, right? You don't ever get the cheapest anything. You get what you want because you want it!

You want MORE with your masturbation too!

So don't ever skimp on your masturbation! A Masturbation Manager or Masturbatrix will not ever let you have boring orgasms.

When you have a guided masturbation session, you willingly give up control of your orgasms, your stroking, and your regular ways of masturbation, and you are guided by a sexy woman who loves to give you better, stronger, and more intense orgasms.

A Masturbation Manager can make orgasms amazing!

And maybe you need special orgasm help. Perhaps you are troubled by chronic masturbation issues. Maybe you have suffered from premature ejaculation and you need to fix that! As your Masturbation Manager, I will help you to fix those problems all in the name of bringing you more pleasure!

You know there is more out there for your pleasure. It's time you let yourself experience the best masturbation session you've ever dreamt of!