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So you like to jerk off, huh? It's, like, an addiction for you. You just can't help yourself; you have to do it all the time. But what good is masturbation if you don't have a Princess to tell you what to do and when to do it?

That's why you need me, little wanker!

I've been a cockteasing Princess from day one. I love to make boys' dicks hard and their balls blue. All the little subbies out there want me. But more than that, they NEED me. They need my masturbation instructions. They need to know that I own their cocks 100%. There's really nothing that makes jacking off better than knowing that your dick is basically in my hands. It's up to me what you do with your cock. It's up to me whether you cum or not.

It's a submissive head trip of epic proportions, huh?

I'll edge you over and over, driving you absolutely nuts with need. You won't be able to resist my commands because my natural dominance will melt all your defenses away. My guided masturbation instructions will lead you to the brink so many times that you'll do anything for Princess Andi to allow you to cum.

And that's when the fun really starts!

So don't keep waiting around. Why would you want to wait for the best masturbation session (and maybe orgasm if you're really, really good) of your life? Procrastinating subbies don't get to find out how good Princess can make them feel, so pick up that phone and call me right now!