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Hey Stroker. Well, I see you're at it again aren't you? Just cannot keep your hands off that ever-hard cock of yours, can you? You wouldn't eat, sleep, drink, work, or leave the house at all if you didn't have to would you? It would be all masturbation all the time wouldn't it? Load after load of jizz spilled on your own thigh or stomach or in a sock or wherever you put it. I would be willing to bet every surface in your bedroom is sticky with it and your hands are covered in calluses. I know, I know. How can you resist such a purely self-indulgent activity?

I don't fault you for partaking in it. I just think the experience could be even better...with my help. You, my friend, need a Masturbation Manager. I mean, would you need to do it so many times a day if you had a skilled guide to ensure that just one time left you spent and totally satisfied? I think not. The sound of my voice alone will whip you into a frenzied, heightened state of arousal that will leave your heart beating so loudly in your ears you'll strain to hear my instructions. And, trust me, those instructions will send you over the edge.

So call me up now and let me be your own personal, masturbation guide. You will not believe the journey to the heights of ecstasy your own hands will provide.