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One of the most common misconceptions about masturbation is that it has to be a solitary experience. You may sit alone in that chair with eyes closed as you lose yourself in a fantasy and before you know it, the event is over almost as soon as it started.

Are you feeling a bit jaded in your sessions of self pleasure?

Then perhaps it is time to take the next step to a higher level of gratification. There is a place beyond your wildest dreams that lies buried deep in your center. Not only will I serve as your guide to this secret temple of untold pleasures, but I hold the key as well.

The journey will not be an easy one. I will take great delight in guiding you down false pathways, leading you in endless circles, and only when you are frustrated, groaning with angst, and sputtering out of control will I even *consider* allowing you to cum.

Once you hand over the management of your masturbation to me, you will learn the art of precious life skills such a begging, pleading, and for my more advanced subjects, the art of squealing. Please be prepared to watch helplessly as I twirl and dangle the key to your release with a controlled finesse that will leave you breathless.

If a bit of tease and denial is what you are after then you have come to the right mistress. If you are here for more tease and less deny, long or short term, your needs shall be met. Those new or experienced in the world of edge play are invited to contact me so that we may plan a most exquisite session that puts a whole new spin on the term "happy ending".