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Everyone loves a good release. But too much of a good thing makes you a slave. Cock addiction can crowd out every other activity, and before you know it, you rely on it for everything. So many of you have made your cock your courage, your relaxation, and even your sleeping aid! You can't live without it, your preoccupation consumes you. This is why you need some structure from a Mistress that is looking out for what's best.

You can't be expected to do it all on your own. After all, the temptation to stroke is just too great. And we both know how controlled by your feelings you are! Just a little stimulation, and you're in search of relief. Sometimes it's a dirty movie or pretty girl....just touching it once makes you want it. You're already addicted. You could try to be strong by yourself, but you'll cave every time.

You need to change your programming, and I know how to do it. We'll start out by addressing your habits and your triggers, and it won't be long before you're thinking clearly. We will work on a schedule together. I will be your attentive Mistress, and you will be my devoted pupil. You will see rewards, but you will earn them. And it won't be long before you value my instruction, and even crave it.

You can be trained, but you need to be brave enough to submit to my teaching. Masturbation Management class begins now.