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I don't blame you for masturbating as much as you do - that handsome cock of yours deserves the pleasure. But there are certain ways to enhance that pleasure... to make it feel so much better and last so much longer. Right now, there's something missing, something that will allow you to unlock that next level of gratification. What is that, you ask? Me, of course!

I have no doubt that you are familiar with desire, and I'm sure that you have plenty of it. You probably also have some techniques - you know your cock and what it likes. But neither of those things is what you really need right now. Instead, you need discipline. You need to be told exactly when and how to jerk yourself off. You need rules. You need to understand what is acceptable and what is not. You need to learn how to step up your game and elevate your pleasure. You need me.

As your masturbation manager, I'll make sure that you get the pleasure you so deserve. But more importantly, I'll make sure that you discover new ways of guiding yourself to climax without overworking yourself. With me in control, you might not masturbate as often, but when you do the results will be more amazing than ever. You might think you're good at this... but trust me baby, I'm a professional!

So it's time to hand over control of your precious cock to me, your irresistible new mistress and manager. I know exactly what I'm doing, and soon you'll be thanking me for it over and over as you explode like never before.